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First Warm Up Rapid A.K.A. Scramble Like A Rat



RAPID NAME: First Warm Up Scramble Like A Rat


RIVER SECTION: Lower New River Gorge - Cunard To Fayette Station

This Class II/III rapid is the first in a series of four rapids known collectively as the Warm-Ups because they are your last chance to get ready for the Keeneys Rapids. The first Warm-Up is known as Strippers at high water and Scramble Like a Rat at low flows.

(Strippers because of the hydraulics that can strip your clothes right off and Scramble Like a Rat because of the low water maneuvering made around the rocks.)

32,000-14,000cfs(12-7’) – At high flows, the main feature is a large hydraulic on the river right called Mega-Stripper. The center and left are wide open, but you need to move to the right in order to set up for Ender Waves (2nd Warm-Up) which is just downstream and will be reached quickly at high water.

14,000-7,500cfs(7-4’), 7,500-4,400cfs(4-2’) – At these upper-mid and mid-level flows, the main feature is just downstream and to the left of Mega-Stripper. This is known as the Strippers hydraulic and sits basically in the center of the rapid. As with high flows, the main objective is to move right after passing Strippers in order to set up for Ender Waves (2nd Warm-Up).

4,400-2,400cfs(2-0’) – At these low flows, the Scramble Like a Rat line comes into play. The entrance is far river right, splitting two small pour-overs. Maneuver left behind the large boulder in the center in order to avoid Coffin Rock, an undercut at the bottom right of the rapid. There is also a fun slot move to the right of the entrance for kayaks.