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Second Warm Up A.K.A.Ender Waves



RAPID NAME: Second Warm Up Ender Waves


RIVER SECTION: Lower New River Gorge - Cunard To Fayette Station

Named for the “ender” move kayakers can make here at certain flows, this rapid can fluctuate from Class II at low water to Class III/IV at high flows.

32,000-14,000cfs(12-7’) – At high flows, the main feature and danger is a huge hydraulic at the top left known as Pig Farmer Falls. This hydraulic is one of the largest and most powerful on the entire river and must be avoided no matter what. Set up early and move right in the tail waves of Strippers Rapid. The current is deceptively quick here and pulls directly towards this hydraulic. To the center and right are some nice waves to paddle through in this short rapid.

14,000-7,500cfs(7-4’) – The wave train is the strongest at these levels, with the second wave having a sizable breaking foam pile at its crest. This second wave is generally what can cause fips and/or “dump-trucks” for rafters. The Pig Farmer Falls hydraulic on the top left should still be avoided at these levels.

4,400-2,400cfs(2-0’) – At these low flows, Ender Waves is a short Class II rapid. These levels are when kayakers often try this rapid’s namesake maneuver. A very popular lunch beach for commercial rafters is found on the river left.