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Whitewater Kayaking In The New River Gorge Region


West Virginia is known for its iconic whitewater and boundless incredible views and  Southern West Virginia kayaking is perhaps the most renowned! With miles of whitewater to explore in The New River Gorge Region, it’s no wonder that paddlers travel from around the world to experience the creeks and rivers in Southern West Virginia. Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker, or you’re new to the sport and looking to get some more paddling miles under your belt, the rivers of The New River Gorge Region have something for everybody.

The New River is comprised of two frequently paddled sections, the Upper New and the Lower New. The Upper New River features calmer water, with class II-III rapids and flatwater pools. This section is a great place for beginner kayakers, or for those looking to experience a totally laid back day on the river.

The Lower New River is made up of class IV+ rapids, and is an ideal river section for more experienced paddlers. This trip descends down what is known as the Gorge Section of the river, where the river narrows and also drops in elevation, and larger rapids form. The section finishes under the New River Gorge Bridge, so you know the views are as spectacular as the rapids. Short on time? Run a few laps on the rapid at the takeout, Fayette Station.

The Gauley River also boasts two sections, with the Upper Gauley being one of the most well-known destination whitewater paddling trips in the world. With 5 class V rapids, this is a trip for experienced kayakers and boaters only. The Lower Gauley is the home to 2 class V rapids, and is known for its breathtaking views, and is also recommended for experienced paddlers. Want to experience a huge paddling day? Tackle the Upper and Lower Gauley in one day!

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