Native Falcon 11



Native Falcon 11: Your Ultimate Fishing Kayak

Experience Thrilling Fishing Expeditions

Gear up for unparalleled fishing adventures with the Native Falcon 11 kayak. Crafted to elevate your angling experience, this kayak combines exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility to ensure every fishing trip is a success.

Versatile Design for Prime Fishing Spots

From serene lakes to winding rivers and coastal shores, the Falcon 11’s versatile design adapts seamlessly to various fishing environments, ensuring you can reel in the big catch wherever you go.

Comfortable Seating for Extended Angling Sessions

Say goodbye to discomfort with the Falcon 11’s ergonomic seating system. Designed for extended fishing sessions, it provides superior support and comfort, allowing you to focus on landing the perfect catch.

Ample Storage for Your Fishing Gear

Stay organized on the water with ample storage options. With dedicated compartments and bungee-corded deck rigging, you can store all your fishing gear securely and accessibly, ensuring you’re always prepared for action.

Exceptional Stability and Maneuverability

Navigate with confidence thanks to the Falcon 11’s exceptional stability and maneuverability. Whether you’re casting lines in calm waters or navigating through choppy currents, this kayak offers unmatched performance and control.

Built-in Features for Angler Convenience

Maximize your fishing experience with built-in features such as rod holders and accessory tracks. From trolling to fly fishing, the Falcon 11 is equipped to enhance every aspect of your angling adventure.

Why Choose the Falcon 11 for Fishing?

More than just a kayak, the Native Falcon 11 is your ultimate fishing companion. With its angler-friendly features, comfortable design, and superior performance, it’s the perfect vessel for reeling in trophy fish and making unforgettable fishing memories.

Technical Specifications
Length: 11 feet
Width: 32.5″
Weight: Hull/60lbs Rigged/65lbs
Weight Capacity: 325lbs


Grey, Orange, Venom

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