Sweet Protection Strutter


Unleash your paddling prowess with the Sweet Protection Strutter. Engineered for whitewater enthusiasts, this helmet combines minimalist aesthetics with maximum performance. The Strutter’s low-profile design reduces drag and enhances maneuverability while providing reliable protection. Elevate your whitewater experience with this iconic choice.


Unparalleled Headgear for Water Adventurers
Experience the pinnacle of head protection with the Sweet Protection Strutter, meticulously engineered for water sports enthusiasts who demand uncompromising safety and performance on the water.

Advanced Shell Construction
Built with precision and expertise, the Sweet Protection Strutter features an advanced shell construction utilizing a combination of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and polyamide layers. This innovative design ensures optimal impact resistance while maintaining a lightweight profile, providing superior protection against the rigors of whitewater kayaking, rafting, and other water activities.

Enhanced Comfort Features
Stay comfortable and focused on your adventures with the Strutter’s integrated Coolmax moisture-wicking padding and extensive ventilation channels. These features work together to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable even during extended paddling sessions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the thrill of the water.

Customizable Fit
Achieve the perfect fit with the Strutter’s adjustable Occigrip fit system, which allows you to customize the helmet to your unique head shape and size. This ensures a secure and comfortable fit for every paddler, enhancing both safety and comfort on the water.

Certified Safety Standards
Rest assured knowing that the Strutter meets the highest safety standards, including CE EN 1385 and ASTM F1385 certifications. These certifications attest to the helmet’s compliance with rigorous safety regulations, providing peace of mind as you tackle challenging waterways with confidence.

Thermoplastic Shell
Carbon Fiber Inner Half-Shell
EVA Foam Liner

If you’re looking for a helmet that provides the same high performance protection, but don’t want the visor/beak, check out the Sweet Protection Rocker Here.

Weight N/A
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matte fluo (2022), Deep Purple Metallic (2022), Dirt Black, Gloss White, Matte Burning Orange (2022), Matte Fluro (2022), Neon Blue (2023), Neon Pink (2023), Woodland (2023)


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