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Lower Keeney Rapid, Lower New River Gorge



RAPID NAME: Lower Keeney


RIVER SECTION: Lower New River Gorge - Cunard To Fayette Station

The final and steepest rapid of the Keeneys trio is Lower Keeney. Although the Meat Grinder is at the top right of Lower Keeney, it is really only a hazard while running Middle Keeney. Due to the Meat Grinder’s position, the entrance and line for Lower Keeney are always down the left.

32,000-14,000 cfs(12-7’), 14,000-7,500 cfs(7-4’) – At high and upper-mid level flows, the entrance for Lower Keeney is on the right side of the well defined downstream V, with the general idea being to continue moving right through the rapid. The main feature, known as Lollygag, is a huge lateral wave at the bottom left. It breaks from left to right, with the left side being more like a hydraulic and more of a wave as you go to the right.


7,500-4,400 cfs(4-2’), 4,400-2,400 cfs(2-0’) – At these mid and lower flows, the entrance is farther to the left in the downstream V. Lollygag is not much of a factor anymore and will be a dry rock at low levels. The current pushes hard left towards Wash-Up Rock which sits river left at the end of the wave train.