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Lower Kaymoor Rapid, Lower New River Gorge



RAPID NAME: Lower Kaymoor


RIVER SECTION: Lower New River Gorge - Cunard To Fayette Station

From a solid Class IV at high water to an easy Class III when it’s low, Lower Kaymoor’s characteristics change a lot with the water level.

32,000-14,000cfs(12-7’), 14,000-7,500cfs(7-4’) – At higher flows, Lower Kaymoor has multiple large waves that tend to break awkwardly and at different angles, making it hard to square up on all of them. The majority of the current is pulling to the right, where a large, powerful hydraulic known as Teacher’s Pet is waiting at the bottom right. To avoid Teacher’s Pet, most approach this rapid from the top right and drive from right to left through the main waves, using their momentum to keep them moving to the left. 

7,500-4,400 cfs(4-2’), 4,400-2,400 cfs(2-0’)  – At these lower flows, Teacher’s Pet is no longer a danger. Large boulders begin to reveal themselves in the middle of the rapid, and lines can be taken to the right or the left.