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Fayette Station Rapid, Lower New River Gorge



RAPID NAME: Fayette Station


RIVER SECTION: Lower New River Gorge - Cunard To Fayette Station

This Class III/IV rapid is the last of the day for most boaters, finishing up underneath the iconic New River Gorge Bridge.

32,000-14,000 cfs(12-7’) – At these high flows, a big concern is being sure to make it to the takeout on the left just below the rapid. There are two entrances, one on the right and the other on the left. The right line is the standard and is the route taken at all water levels. There are multiple large break waves, and it is difficult to square up on all of them while still trying to move to the left in order to reach the takeout. The left line is only run at these high flows, but it contains one of the most sought after waves on the entire river, the Million Dollar Wave. This wave is hidden from view at the entrance, but being a solid 16’ standing wave, you’ll know it when you find it.

14,000-7,500 cfs(7-4’), 7,500-4,400 cfs(4-2’), 4,400-2,400 cfs(2-0’) – The right entrance and line is standard throughout these levels. Fayette Station is known for having one of the best wave trains on the river. Be careful to avoid a pourover on the river right side, about halfway through the wave train.